Every business can benefit from technology.  This post will cover the core business technology that pretty much every business needs no matter the size or type of business.

What are the business technology essentials?


A website is a must for businesses these days.  Having one can help you with marketing, looking like a credible business, and a place to showcase your products and services.  Check out Top 10 Reasons why every business needs a website and Small Business Website Essentials

Professional Email

Having an email address that matches your website domain makes you seem more professional.  Additionally, most business email providers have many features that can help you operate efficiently.

Information and Document management

It is very important to have a safe and reliable place to store your information and documents.  A good software will be backed up and can prevent you from losing your documents due to a hardware crash.  It will also have good search capability to help save you  from simply not being able to find them easily because of them not being organized.  Best yet security is handled by qualified professional, so it can keep your customers data safe so you do not get sued in the event of a data breach.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Without customers, you can’t make money.  A good CRM tool helps you manage potential clients (leads) and current clients.  This can help you convert more leads to regular clients and make sure you keep your existing clients happy and more likely to be repeat customer. Email Marketing

Email marketing will help you convert contacts into customers, and help you keep your current audience engaged. 

Accounting Software

Keeping track of your business income and expenses is obviously important.  A accounting software can help keep that process as easy and efficient as possible.  Trying to do everything in a spreadsheet is a pain and more likely to have mistakes.