What happens if my users delete something and no one notices until it is too late?

I’m going to assume you know about the recycle bin that is available on most cloud software providers such as Microsoft 365 and Google workspace so I’ll go over a few of the more advanced options.

prevent accidental deletion

Permission settings

One option is to give users the rights to add and edit files, but not delete.

In Google, you need to set them as a contributor but not a content manager.  In Microsoft you need to create a new permission level.  Easiest way is to copy contribute and take away the delete option.


If you have the required licensing, the next option is automation.  This would be best used in conjuntion with taking away permission to delete.  Instead, you could have them mark it as obsolete or ready for deletion.  After that, you can have it notify management, require approval to be deleted, or move to an archive location instead of deletion.