keep your data safe with version history

data backup version history

I’m sure everyone is familiar with this scenario. Imagine you have been working hard on a document for weeks only to find things missing from your first draft. You don’t know who changed it or when. Depending on your backup solution, you could retrieve the document if you know when it happened but if you don’t remember, you either have to dig through backups manually or redo the work. 

The solution is version history. Many cloud providers, such as Microsoft and Google, have version history built into their offerings. Right in the property of the file, you can see when it was changed and by whom. You can click on the version to see the data and either copy the missing data or restore it to that version. 

You might still have a lot of entries to look through, but at least you know they are there and all in one place and you can see exactly which dates the file was changed instead of guessing which backup files to check. 

version History