Problem: Losing files and needing to redo a bunch of work, or worse yet, losing clients.

As a small business owner, you have to worry about backing up data yourself.  You don’t have an IT department to do it for you, but it is still super important to do. I’ve helped businesses both large and small utilize cloud technology to keep their data safe.

Recommended solutions: Get M365 for business or Google workspace.  The cost is worth it to not need to worry about backing up data yourself.

Instead of saving your files to your computer and backing them up, simply save them to a cloud location.  Use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or a similar system.  You do not have to worry about losing your files, because the vendor company takes care of it.

I would recommend getting the business versions to get more storage, better features, and better compliance.

Cloud storage providers provide an added bonus of enabling easier sharing and collaboration.

Other solutions:

Here are a few ways to implement backups.

  1. Manual backup – make sure you save your important files to another location, either in the cloud somewhere or an external hard drive or flash drive.
  2. Automatic backups using a vendor – You can find a product that will automatically backup your system, you just pay for the storage cost.

There are a lot of products out there geared both for personal and business use


No matter what method you use, backing up your data is super important and can save you time, frustration, and money.

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