This post will cover what advantages a website gives to your business.  Why have a website?  One of the most basic answers is your customers expect it.  Keep reading to further understand the importance of a website for any small business.

The top 10 ways having a website can help your business.


1. Credibility

Simply put, you look more like a business with a website and often times people are more likely to think a business can help better than a random individual, whether it is true or not.

2. Branding

You can more easily create a memorable brand including who you are as a company and what you stand for.  This can help you turn someone into a customer for the first time as well as make it more likely they’ll remember you when they need more services or products.

3. Potential for organic traffic

Organic traffic is when people find you from search results in Google or another search engine.  Getting to the point you show up over competitors is another topic, you can read about the basics of SEO here, but without a website it is impossible.

4. You need a place to showcase your products and services

Usually, when someone needs a product or service, they do a fair amount of research to find the right one.  Without a website, how is someone supposed to know your service or product is the right one for them?  81% OF SHOPPERS CONDUCT ONLINE RESEARCH BEFORE PURCHASE

5. Reviews and testimonials

Highlighting some of your reviews or customer testimonials can help someone determine that your business is a good fit for them.  Even if you have reviews on your Google or Facebook pages, having them on your website is a great place to pick and choose some of the best ones that most accurately depict the value you can offer.

6.  A website is a great way for clients to contact you

Everyone is different.  Some like talking on the phone, other like texting or emailing.  Having multiple options for contacting all on the same webpage makes it more likely you’ll get a customer!

8. Integration

Your website can integrate with other services for optimal reach.  Have Google maps right on your contact page.  Link to your social media accounts and link to your website from your socials.  You can have contact forms that integrate with email marketing accounts to automatically email someone when they subscribe.

9. Showcase your work or explain your benefits

Similar to testimonials, you can use your website to showcase what you can do.  If you are a website designer, show some examples.  If you are a lawyer, tell some stories of how you saved businesses money by helping them easily setup their contracts.

10. Leverage your time

Your website is 24/7, hopefully you don’t have to be.  If calling you is the only way someone can get more details, you are a limiting factor.  If you have your website, your customer can get information at anytime and you can follow up with leads when it is convenient for you.